Myles Peterson Holding Terra-Panel Sample

Durable. Recycled. Canadian.

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We at Terracore like to get the most for our dollar, and with the Terra-MDF, that's just what you get. Developed while waiting for structural verification for the Terra-Panel, the Terra-MDF is everything you could want in MDF and more:

No Edgebanding Needed
Sequesters 250lbs+ Co2      Ultra-Durable
Holds Screws Well
Ultra-Low Dust Creation

Low Emission Manufacturing
Lowers Overall Project Cost 
100% Waste Material
Similar Weight to Trad. MDF 
Easy to Paint 
Easy to Cut 
Easy to Sand


Terra-Panel sample horizontal


The Terra-Panel is a Plywood alternative panel made to withstand all temperature and weather conditions. We're still working on getting the panels verified to comply with Canadian structural codes, and we'll have it available for sale as soon as we get the green light!

Plywood But Better. Learn more about it here.

The Terracore Plastic Company is a plastic recycling startup based in Camrose, Alberta, Canada. Our first-developed product is the revolutionary Terra-Panel Plywood Alternative, which you can read more about here, and our second product, the Terra-MDF MDF-Alternative can be read about here. Our goal is to use unique recycling and manufacturing techniques to decrease plastic waste, CO2 emissions, and make great and easy to use products.