We have a mission, but what is it?

Have you ever recycled something? You're probably thinking to yourself, "Well of course! We need to protect the planet. What a dumb question."


Unfortunately, the chances are that you haven't really recycled anything, at least not in the sense that the recycling was actually continuously sustainable. 

Why is this?

Recycling as it is done today is unsustainable, and not only in the sense that many recycling company's typically need government funding to make themselves profitable, or that they need to use cheap, exploitative labor overseas. No, they're unsustainable in the fact that the plastic that gets recycled solely by heat and melt techniques degrades in quality. If this is done enough times, the plastic that is being "recycled" is rendered virtually useless. Not only that, but the color or dye that gets added along the way stays there, eventually leading to an ugly, blackish-brown colored blob of useless oil product.

Luckily, we're here to fix the issues by:

  1. Manufacturing reusable products with waste plastic

  2. Efficiently recycling plastic using a chemical-based technique. 

Nobody wants to read an essay on a website, so we made a short presentation.