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The Terracore Plastic Company is an innovative Canadian recycling and cleantech company specializing in the building material sector. With a focus on research and innovative manufacturing processes and products, Terracore implements a vertically-integrated approach to turn undesirable waste into low-emission products, while focusing on providing our business partners with phenomenal value, and tackling issues associated with "the traditional stuff".

Founded in 2020 by Myles Peterson, the current Chief Executive Officer, Terracore has been driven by a passion for research and development from the very beginning. Teracore originally focused on its revolutionary TerraMDF product, although the company is currently focused on the flooring sector with its innovative and premium-yet-affordable 

Our focus is on the environment and people. By focusing on transforming waste into revolutionary products through the development of novel processes, we're able to not only benefit the planet, but provide people with high-quality and cost effective products that meet and exceed demands of both common and unique use cases.

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