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Black Ecoflake Flooring Flakes

Over 25% better coverage.

Decorative flakes have become increasingly popular making high-performance resinous floor and wall coatings even more beautiful. Terracore Plastics offers more than just decorative flakes - our patent-pending EcoFlakes are an innovative and premium flake made from 100% waste material, all at an incredibly affordable price per square foot.


Our flakes offer exceptional coverage thanks to their unique material, with the ability to cover 25-50% more sqft per pound of product! Unlike traditional flakes that emit CO2 and lead to waste generation, EcoFlakes are made from 100% waste plastic, which not only reduces landfill-bound waste but also waste generation from new chips. By protecting and restoring old floors, EcoFlakes helps to eliminate the need to replace floors, saving you money and reducing CO2 emissions. Our product can be used not only to protect floors but also in other coating applications!

Our EcoFlakes cover more area per pound than traditional flakes, which means many fantastic things for distributors, contractors, and end-users: you can achieve the desired look with a less mass of flake, resulting in greater cost savings for your business on an area basis. The light-weight nature of our product also can reduce shipping costs and CO2 emssions. 

The innovative material properites provide EcoFlakes with a lustrous and semi-metallic sheen, providing a beautiful result for end for all floor apllications


TheEcoFlake comes in 6 primary color options, however custom colors are available upon request.  We decided to simplify our offerings to better focus on the most in-demand options.

EcoQuartz color options.png
EcoQuartz color options_edited.jpg


ECO-FRIENDLY: 100% recycled plastic Ecoflakes are ecofriendly and made from 100% post-industrial and post-consumer waste.

DECORATIVE:  Custom colors, color mixes, and textures to complement any décor.

DURABLE: Resinous flooring systems provide superior chemical and abrasion

resistance over pre-engineered floors

ECONOMICAL: Find a lower price/sqft for flooring flakes? Terracore can beat your current supplier's price by 10%. (North America)

BETTER COVERAGE:  EcoFlakes are about 50% more voluminous than traditional flakes, allowing for better coverage per pound.

SAFE: Ecoflakes and resin create a textured surface that increases the slip-resistance and safety of a floor.

CLEAN: Resinous flooring systems are easy and economical to upkeep.

LOW SOUND: Resinous flooring systems provide a seamless and flexible surface that deadens the noise of foot traffic.

RENEWABLE: After years of use, efficienctly revitalize your resinous flooring system by sanding the surface and applying a new topcoat.

RISK-FREE: Terracore offers a 30 day return policy.


Terracore offers varying sizes and colors for its flakes, primarily 1/4". Our most popular colors are black and gray. Our flakes also come in various thicknesses, which can create high-traction surfaces making it great for shops or messy environments.​

  • 100% Waste Plastic

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Made in Canada

  • Durable

  • Low-Density/Higher Spread

  • 30lb boxes

  • 5-7 mils thickness

  • 1/4" nominal size

  • No water, oil, or solvent absorption

  • Weather and temperature resistant

  • Lower density and better coverage per pound than traditional flakes



Are you a retailer or reseller interested in expanding your product line? Our EcoFlakes are the perfect choice: made in North America with a tight supply chain, 100% recycled, eco-friendly, and strong; whether you're a physical retailer or an online merchandiser, you won't find a better product to add to your collection.

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EcoFlake SDS

EcoFlake Product Sheet

EcoFlake Catalogue

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