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6-10x better coverage.

EcoQuartz: the epitome of elegance and sustainability in the world of flooring. Embrace a semi-metallic, high lustre, and luxurious alternative that surpasses traditional quartz while offering unparalleled coverage, reduced shipping weight, and exceptional value per square foot. Engineered from 100% waste materials, EcoQuartz combines environmental consciousness with refined aesthetics and luxury, affordability, and ease of use.

With single broadcast rates of 6-9 sqft/lb for 25 mesh and 12-20s1qft/lb for 40- mesh EcoQuartz delivers remarkable coverage for an indutrial coating, while drastically reducing costs compared to traditional quartz. Whether you're a distributor, retailers, contractor, or individual, we can help you cut expenses while achieving a premium coating that transforms your floors. Terracore offers a curated selection of EcoQuartz color mixes, ensuring a restrained yet refined palette that delivers premium and elegant results. Should your vision call for something unique, our team is ready to accommodate custom color requests. We strive to provide you with endless possibilities to create the perfect floor.


The EcoQuartz comes in the following color options, alongside blue and gray. Custom colors are available upon request.

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Samples Available
Contact us for contractor and distributor pricing.


The EcoQuartz looks great in any application, but is most recommended for:

  • Showrooms,

  • Warehouses,

  • Laboratories,

  • Schools,

  • Grocery stores,

  • Food packing rooms,

  • Showers,

  • Patios,

  • Garages,

  • Cafeterias,

  • Retail stores,

  • Airports,

  • Government buildings,

  • Recreational facilities,

  • Driveways,

  • Banks,

  • Corporate spaces,

  • Hospitals

  • Factories,

  • Museums,

  • Galleries,

  • Lobbies, 

  • Restaurants,

  • Clinics,

  • Offices.


Terracore offers various EcoQuartz color optons. Our most popular colors are mixtures of black, gray, and tan.

  • Easy-to-maintain surface

  • Significantly reduced transport weight

  • Colorfast pigments

  • Refined color selection

  • Superior coverage

  • Chemical resistance

  • Low VOC

  • Internal resin compatibility testing

  • Single or double broadcast application

  • Homogenous pigmentation

  • Seamless result

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  • Premium semi-gloss finish

  • 100% Waste Materials

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Made in Canada

  • Durable

  • 6-9sqft/lb for course and 12-20sqft/lb for fine

  • 40lb boxes

  • Easy-to-texture

  • No water, oil, or solvent absorption

  • Weather and temperature resistant


Are you a retailer or contractor looking to expand your product offerings, cut your curent quartz expenses, and provide your partners with a better product? Look no further than EcoQuartz. Our EcoQuartz products are an ideal choice for retailers and contractors alike. Made in North America with a streamlined supply chain, these strong and eco-friendly materials perform great, and are garaunteed to reduce your shipping costs. Whether you operate a physical store or an online platform, adding EcoQuartz to your collection will undoubtedly enhance your range of offerings.

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EcoQuartz Catalogue

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