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Decorative flakes are continuously growing in popularity with contractors, homeowners, and architects for resin based coating systems, but unlike other brands, our ECOFLAKES aren't just decorative, but are super strong and durable as well! Unlike traditional CO2 emitting and easy-to-break flakes, ours are made from 100% waste plastic, not only reducing landfill-bound waste, but also waste generation from new chips. By protecting and restoring old floors, ECOFLAKES can eliminate the need to replace floors, which can both save money, and reduce CO2 emissions.

Not only can ECOFLAKES be used to protect floors, but thanks to their strength, they can be used in other coating applications as well!


Terracore offers varying sizes and colors for its flakes, primarily 1/4". Our most popular colors are black and gray. Our flakes also come in various thicknesses, which can create high-traction surfaces making it great for shops or messy environments.

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Lower Co2

Super durable

100% Waste

Made In Canada

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Are you a retailer, reseller, or contractor interested in expanding your product line? Our ECOFLAKEs are the perfect choice: made in North America with a tight supply chain, 100% recycled, eco-friendly, and strong; whether you're a phyiscal retailer or an online merchandiser, you won't find a better product to add to your collection.

Contractors can benefit from competitive pricing and the ability to provide their customers with green alternatives.

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