Myles Peterson

CEO and founder

Hi! My name is Myles Peterson. I'm the founder and director of the Terracore Plastic Company. Fueled by a passion for science and a history of management, I hope to help lead the fight for the environment. While travelling, I have seen first hand the dangers of plastic waste, and they are shocking. I truly hope to be able to make an impact, and change the lives of millions for the better. Hopefully, you will join me, my partners, and the Terracore Plastic Co to see this goal through.

Will Watt


My name is Will Watt, I'm 19 years old and am from Castlegar, British Columbia. What's most important to me in life is being able to make a positive difference in the quality of life for myself and others and play an active role in the changes that will make this world a better place. I'm honoured to be a part of this team and am very excited to be able to serve those this company will benefit.

Reneet Kang


My Name is Reneet Kang. I'm a grade 12 student at Stanley Humphries Secondary School, taking an interest in business, leadership, and sustainability. Along with my studies, I have spent time volunteering in and out of school and co-owning a sustainable beauty company. I'm excited to be a part of the Terracore Plastics crew and see what this company has in store for the Kootenays.

Simon Larocque


Hello! My name is Simon and I'm a first year student currently studying Business at the University of Victoria from the comfort of my own home. I enjoy biking, skiing, and skateboarding in my spare time and have also grown extremely passionate about giving back to my community. I am a former Student Council President and Valedictorian at my high school and have been lucky enough to do so alongside Myles, Reneet, and Will. I am incredibly thrilled to be a part of a company and crew that will not only help change the world, but inspire others while doing it.