The Terracore Plastic Company is pleased to present a new building and construction product: the TerraPlank.


Not only is the Terraplank’s composite material engineered to act as a great plywood replacement thanks to its strength, longevity, and price, it’s also made from 100% recycled product.


The Terraplank’s many notable properties include:

  • Canadian-made

  • Lower cost than plywood

  • 100% post-consumer material

  • Higher tensile strength than plywood

  • Greater longevity than plywood

  • Strong weather and temperature resistance

  • No water, oil, or solvent absorption

  • No costly maintenance 

  • Customizable sizing to reduce waste and costs

  • Great to use and install in poor weather conditions


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To get a better understanding of the product, Terracore would be glad to present a sample of the TerraPlank, provide further information, or answer any questions. To contact Terracore, please email

Terra-Panel Plywood - 3/4"