A building material designed to save you money and help the environment. The Terra-MDF is the MDF alternative that has everything you love about the traditional stuff, fixes everything you hate, and is made from 100% waste material.

Why waste time and money using traditional MDF when there's a better product? Saving money on everything from labor to paint is easy to do with the Terra-MDF, and you'll feel good knowing that the product you're using is Canadian-made with waste material.

Introducing Terra-MDF
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Every single one of our panels are made from 100% waste plastic and wood. In the Terracore factory, located in Camrose, Alberta, we take waste plastic, fully recycle it using various processes, and turn it into a brand new product. The wood waste? Most of it comes from a sawmill in our right in our city, or within an hours' drive from our location!

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Whether you're a contractor or just a DIYer, Terra-MDF will save you time and money. We've been asked by contractors to develop a product where they don't have to use edgebanding because of how long it takes to put on the panels. When you're paying someone by the hour to work on a home, these costs add up really quickly. Our black MDF alternative looks so good that you don't even need to add anything except a bit of finish, and our colored panels are so easy to paint, that you'll have a beautiful finish in one layer of paint and primer... talk about savings! Of course, you can still put edgebanding on it if you want to.

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As we all know, most plastics are waterproof, so when wood particulate is added in, there's no danger of swelling when exposed to moisture. If you've ever seen old, exposed MDF, you know how much of a problem this can be, not to mention that you can keep these outside for a while without them getting destroyed... imagine being able to do that with traditional MDF! This can really save you if you accidentally get caught outside with your panels.

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When you screw the board down to something, the plastic in the panel will heat up and melt around the screw ever-so-slightly, providing a super-strong hold. If you drill a hole first, you can screw the panel millimeters from the edge and have an amazing looking result!

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250lbs of Co2 is equivalent to what 5 fully grown trees can absorb in one year, which makes the Terra-MDF an amazing way for builders, contractors, and DIYers to help out the environment.  We truly believe that this product can make a huge difference in helping the environment at an individual level. 

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Our manufacturing process creates up to 75lbs CO2 less per panel than traditional MDF manufacturing, and most of any CO2 that is created is due to the province's use of natural gas to produce energy. With governmental change, we can decrease any impact even more! Combining our CO2 savings during manufacturing and the amount of CO2 sequestered by each panel, that's the equivalent to driving your car from Calgary, AB to Regina, SK, a trip of about 750Km!

We tested the expansion of Terra-MDF pieces vs a traditional MDF piece made to be used in a bathroom, an environment that continuously exposes the MDF to heat and moisture. We submerged each panel in lukewarm water for 25 minutes, and the results are very drastic. The Terra-MDF stayed at 3/4", while the MDF expanded to over 1", not to mention that the painted finish on it was absolutely ruined. This material clearly doesn't belong in a bathroom, so why are we using it there?

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Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, and is used as a component of most traditional MDF panels. This, coupled with the high amount of dust that MDF creates when cut, can potentially have some very severe negative health effects.

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The high amounts of dust created by traditional MDF can be very dangerous to the health of your lungs and cause severe breathing issues. This, coupled with the any carcinogens in the material can make a cloud of potentially cancerous dust when cut, which could cause incredibly tragic results in the long-term.

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Our panels are incredibly easy to sand, and provide an excellent surface for painting! Again, you can breathe easy thanks to their incredibly low dust creation. No, they won't clog up your sanders either.

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Have you ever damaged an MDF panel? If yes, you know that the dent in your panel isn't going to come out. With the Terra-MDF, you just need to re-finish the panel because all that you damaged is the finish!

MDF and Terra-MDF have comparable weight, and the Terra-MDF weighs less than most MDF thanks to its material properties. This makes switching to our panels easy, as they'll feel familiar to anybody who's done any woodworking in their life.

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One of the questions that we get asked the most is "will it melt onto my sawblade?" We're very happy to say with 100% certainty that the answer is "No!" The Terra-MDF will be one of the smoothest materials that you ever cut, and we've got professional woodworkers and cabinetmakers to help us verify our claims!

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Thanks to the low-porosity of the panels, they're super easy to finish. The black panels are gorgeous untreated, and the colored ones can be finished with a bit of paint and primer. Yes, those are edges in the picture! Hard to tell? That's the point!

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One coat of each, and you're ready to go. We've used different types of paint and they've all worked out great. Try doing that with traditional MDF.

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Terra-MDF Black
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