Myles Peterson

The Terracore Plastic Company is pleased to present a new building and construction product: the Terra-Panel.


Not only is the Terra-Panel's Patent Pending composite material engineered to act as a great plywood replacement thanks to its strength, longevity, and price, it’s also made using 100% recycled product.

The Terra-Panel's many notable properties include:

  • Canadian-made

  • Lower cost than plywood

  • High post-consumer material content

  • Greater longevity than plywood

  • Strong weather and temperature resistance

  • No water, oil, or solvent absorption

  • No costly outdoor maintenance 

  • Customizable sizing to reduce waste and costs

  • Great to use and install in poor weather conditions

  • Up to 42lb lower greenhouse gas output per board

       compared to traditional plywood

  • Up to 130lb lower greenhouse gas output per board

       compared to OSB

  • Decreases future global microplastic and CO2

       emissions by potentially as much as 200lb per board.

*All figures and calculations are based on standard ¾"×4'×8' panels.

Actual figures may differ from calculated figures.

To get a better understanding of the product, Terracore would be glad to present

a sample of the Terra-Panel, provide further information, or answer any questions.

To contact Terracore, please email info@terracoreplastics.com.

For contractor rates, please contact us. Please include the number of lifts needed

and the location where they are being shipped. 

Terra-Panel sample
Custom Terra-Panel