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UltraThin Trimmer Line

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Made from a 100% recycled-plastic material, our UltraThin Universal Trimmer Line is a lightweight trimmer line, directly comparable to a round 0.065” line, but only 0.035” thick! By taking advantage of the material’s flexural properties, Terracore’s patent-pending UltraThin line makes a comparable-to-virgin product while using only a portion of the plastic, not to mention that the plastic used is landfill-bound, waste material, reducing the amount of waste generated overall. The superior flexibility of the line allows it to bend around hard surfaces such as fences and trees, causing less damage than other lines, keeping your yard and decorations looking as good as new.


Terracore offers lengths of 60’, 375’, and 1000' lengths at lower prices than smaller, nylon line packs. The line’s low-plastic design uses much less material per foot, which allows us to manufacture a product that allows us to pass on savings to customers.

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Clean Cuts

Extends Battery life

100% Waste


Made In Canada


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Are you a retailer or reseller interested in expanding your product selection? Our UltraThin trimmer line is the perfect choice: made in North America with a tight supply chain, 100% recycled, eco-friendly, and affordable; whether you're a phyiscal retailer or an online merchandiser, you won't find a better product to add to your collection.

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